Farewell note from Director Chavers

Dear ILEA Family, 

As the first ILEA Roswell Director, it’s been my pleasure to serve you over the last five years. The executive level program that you’ve helped develop as engaged delegates, and now as alumni, is powerful and growing.  We’re making connections across the globe in our common fight against transnational organized crime and terrorism.   

My heart has been touched by all of you. Your professionalism and humanity while engaging with the program truly impressed me. Greeting you every morning when you arrived at Roswell was an honor for me and getting to know each of you has been the highlight of my career.  I will never forget the impact you've had on my life. I consider you all heroes and friends as you stand and fight a good fight! 

My final day as the Director of ILEA Roswell will be April 30, 2021. I will also retire from my Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Law Enforcement Supervisory position on this date.  With 36 years in federal law enforcement, combined with 5 years of state & local law enforcement, I’ve been proud to serve a combined career of 41 years.  

I'm excited to welcome the incoming ILEA Roswell Director, Mr. Brian Wood. Director Wood is an accomplished international law enforcement supervisory specialist who has served his career with the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service. I know that he will do his very best to engage and support you, our ILEA Roswell Alumni and our ILEA Roswell Family. 

Please be safe, and God bless you all,

John D. Chavers, Ph.D. 
Out-going ILEA Roswell Director