ILEA Budapest Event Provides Forum for Engaging, Celebrating Women in Law Enforcement

On March 8, International Women’s Day, ILEA Budapest alumnae gathered online to celebrate the leadership of women in law enforcement. The Leadership for Women in Law Enforcement Online Forum brought together approximately 25 ILEA Budapest alumnae from six countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Moldova, North-Macedonia, and Romania. The forum provided an opportunity for female law enforcement leaders to share experiences and challenges faced throughout their careers.

Celebrated annually on March 8th, International Women’s Day recognizes the economic, political, and social achievements of women, while calling for gender equality. The United Nations named this year’s theme “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world” to celebrate the contributions of women to shape a more equal and inclusive recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. ILEA Budapest’s online forum celebrated the exceptional leadership and courage of the women members of the ILEA alumni community, echoing the United Nations’ pronouncement that in order to achieve equal rights and opportunities for all, women need to be at every table where decisions are made. 

ILEA Roswell Senior Advisor, Dr. Kristen Scowcroft, served as a guest speaker for the Leadership for Women in Law Enforcement Online Forum. During the forum, Dr. Scowcroft shared leadership stories and experiences with the participants. Dr. Scowcroft, a Supervisory Special Agent with the United States Secret Service (USSS), has served as the ILEA Roswell Senior Advisor since February 2020. She has over 23 years of combined federal and local law enforcement experience, including over 20 years with the USSS. She has also developed and taught courses at ILEA Roswell and ILEA Gaborone.

Dr. Scowcroft stated, “the past year has really proven how important it is to be flexible, organized, and disciplined so when a crisis occurs, we are ready to adapt with it and continue to effectively achieve our work mission while also realigning our personal lives to meet the new change. Women have struggled over the past year with commitments to work, trying to raise a family, helping with elderly parents, or whatever personal matters they may be dealing with. It is critical we remember to take care of ourselves and not let stress manage us; we need to maintain a work/life balance and focus on your health and wellness.”  Dr. Scowcroft also discussed overcoming challenges throughout her career, inspiring others and finding your own inspiration to draw from, and mentoring future women.

This International Women’s Day, ILEA Roswell extends appreciation and gratitude to the women leaders and members of the ILEA Roswell alumni community who support their communities, combat transnational crime, and strengthen rule of law around the world.