ILEA Roswell Welcomes Dr. Kristen Scowcroft as Senior Advisor

Photo (from left to right): ILEA Roswell Director Chavers, United States Secret Service Senior Special Agent Mac Bostic, ILEA Roswell Senior Advisor Kristen Scowcroft

In February 2020, ILEA Roswell welcomed Dr. Kristen Scowcroft, a Supervisory Special Agent with the United States Secret Service (USSS), as the ILEA Roswell Senior Advisor. Dr. Scowcroft has over 22 years of combined Federal and local law enforcement experience, including over 20 years with the USSS. She has developed and taught curriculum at ILEA Roswell and ILEA Gaborone. You can read Dr. Scowcroft’s full bio here. We are so happy to welcome Dr. Scowcroft to the ILEA Roswell team!

We asked Dr. Scowcroft about her experience with the ILEA program and her goals for her role as ILEA Roswell Senior Advisor.

What goals do you have for your ILEA Roswell assignment?

During my time as a Senior Advisor at ILEA Roswell, I have several goals: The first one is to further the ILEA program’s standardization and engagement by supporting instructor and course coordinator development, as well as expand ILEA Roswell’s programming by enhancing monitoring and evaluation by working in coordination with the ILEA Director and ILEA Roswell Program Officer regarding development and implementation of a M&E plan. Also, I plan on working with the network of ILEA Directors and ILEA Team Leads to establish a List of Expectations/Guidelines that may be used by INL at all ILEA’s for ensuring that all ILEA class coordinators and instructors adhere to the best practices as approved by INL.

The second goal is to Complete the COR training to become an on-site COR for the ILEA Roswell, which will allow me to work in close conjunction with ILEA Roswell Program Officer and INL in reviewing contract issues, etc., and develop contract expertise and support supervision and oversight of USG contractors. I can then assist INL in providing accurate and timely reports of engagement of contractors, facilities maintenance, and other duties.

The third goal is to review and improve upon the current method for hiring and scheduling Interpreters for all ILEA Roswell Sessions. Establish best practices for interpreter engagement in the program, for example, review the notes and rating of each interpreter to ensure the best product going forward and maintain quality checks throughout each session with CTP, Class Coordinators, the Director, and INL.

How long have you been involved with the ILEA program?

I have been instructing and developing courses for the USSS and ILEA program for the past three years.

Can you tell us about any special initiatives you are leading at ILEA Roswell?

I am currently developing a Women in Leadership for Law Enforcement Course for the ILEA program that is set to roll out in 2021. There are two classes in development; the first will be a 2-week Executive class for ILEA Roswell with a capstone project incorporating a women’s initiative such as sexual harassment, mentorship, coaching, etc., that can be developed and written into a policy at the delegates respective agencies when they return back to their countries. The second course is a 1-week course that will focus on women in all positions of leadership and emphasize training on leadership, policies on current women’s issues, and mentoring.

I have been hosting a Women’s Leadership Luncheon for the past three years at the ILEAs when I was an instructor and the luncheons have been extremely successful in bringing women together to discuss current women issues in each of their respective countries, i.e., promotions, pay differential, sexual harassment, and maternity leave, to name a few. I plan on using my experiences and training to develop the Women in Leadership for Law Enforcement Courses for all ILEAs.

In your opinion, what is the value of the ILEA Roswell Executive Training Program?

ILEA Roswell provides advanced law enforcement training to international law enforcement professionals through an interactive approach of group projects, individual analysis, advanced leadership concepts, and a capstone project. Many of these capstone projects have been placed into law by the respective agencies and countries after developing them at ILEA Roswell. In addition, there have been numerous success stories of alumni using advanced techniques learned at ILEA Roswell for cyber investigations, human trafficking, and child exploitation. The success of ILEA Roswell can be measured by the success of the alumni who continue to shine and lead our international partners throughout the world.