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Our Academy

The International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) located in Roswell, New Mexico is the United States Department of State’s advanced training academy for international law enforcement professionals. ILEA Roswell provides senior-level academic instruction on the latest law enforcement and criminal justice techniques, equipping foreign law enforcement officials with the skills and knowledge to effectively investigate and combat crime in their respective countries.


Speaking before the United Nations General Assembly at its 50th Anniversary, President Clinton called for the establishment of a network of International Law Enforcement Academies (ILEAs) throughout the world to combat international drug trafficking, criminality, and terrorism through strengthened international cooperation.

Now, years later, the United States Department of State Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) and participating nations have established ILEAs serving four regions: Europe, Africa, Latin America, and Asia. The ILEAs serve a broad range of foreign policy and law enforcement purposes for the United States and for the world. In addition to helping protect American citizens and businesses through strengthened international cooperation against crime, the ILEAs’ mission is to:

  • Disrupt overseas production and trafficking of illicit drugs
  • Minimize adverse effects of transnational crime on the United States and its partners
  • Establish and facilitate stable criminal justice systems to strengthen international law enforcement and judicial effectiveness

To reach these goals, the ILEAs conduct activities designed to realize the following objectives:

  • Support regional and local criminal justice institution building and law enforcement
  • Facilitate strengthened partnerships among countries in regions served by the ILEAs aimed at addressing problems of drugs and crime
  • Provide high-quality training and technical assistance in formulating strategies and tactics for foreign law enforcement personnel
  • Improve coordination, foster cooperation, and, as appropriate, facilitate harmonization of law enforcement activities within regions, in a manner compatible with U.S. interests
  • Foster cooperation by foreign law enforcement authorities with U.S. law enforcement entities engaged in organized crime and other criminal investigations
  • Assist foreign law enforcement entities in the professionalization of their forces in a cost-effective manner
  • Build linkages between U.S. law enforcement entities and future criminal justice leadership in participating countries, and among regional participants with one another


The first International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) opened in Budapest, Hungary in 1995.  Additional ILEAs were established in Bangkok, Gaborone, and San Salvador. After the initial successes of the International Law Enforcement Academy regional academies, it became apparent that an additional academy was needed to focus on a global audience and to offer criminal justice instruction from an academic perspective, rather than an operational one. Thus, ILEA Roswell was established in 2001 with the support of the State of New Mexico and the City of Roswell. 

ILEA Roswell serves senior level law enforcement and criminal justice practitioners and is entrusted with exposing participants from around the world to critical foreign policy objectives of the Department of State and the latest techniques in criminal justice practices. ILEA Roswell also affords a unique opportunity for these participants to experience life in the United States and to enjoy the hospitality of this vibrant community. As of September 2021, ILEA Roswell has welcomed over 6,125 criminal justice sector professionals from 111 countries. The Academy’s distinguished alumni include Supreme Court Judges, Senators, Police Commissioners, and Federal Prosecutors.