The ILEA Alumni Portal is now live!

We are thrilled to introduce the new ILEA Alumni Portal, which connects over 70,000 criminal justice sector practitioners from more than 100 countries. The Alumni Portal serves as a place for you to build on your experiences at ILEA and continue to network with fellow graduates beyond the classroom.

Alumni Portal Features:

  • Access blogs by the ILEA Directors
  • Access an information library with 100+ relevant resources
  • Start a discussion or contribute to an existing one on the discussion boards
  • Look up past newsletters to keep track of alumni updates
  • And even more!

Our goal is an alumni-driven portal, so please reach out to share your success stories and best practices, and initiate or contribute to discussions with fellow alumni!

How to Access:

When you first joined ILEA, you were provided with a lifelong username to connect to the IGN (ILEA Global Network) platform. Use the same credentials to access the ILEA Alumni Portal.

Step 1: Log in to your IGN account to validate your username and password

Step 2: Log in to the ILEA Alumni Portal with the same credentials.

Need Assistance?

Click here to reset your password, or contact ILEA Roswell for assistance accessing your credentials.

Want to learn more?

Check out this video which shows all the ILEA Alumni Portal has to offer!